Forum Israel

“If only the walls of the Forum could talk…” 

In November 1988, the Club opened its doors for the first time, owned by two brothers who came to Be’er Sheva to study at Ben-Gurion University and after graduation decided to fulfill the vision of David Ben-Gurion, to stay in the South and begin making their way as young entrepreneurs.
The Forum considered the mythical brand in the nightlife of Israel and is the oldest, largest and most advanced in the country, which is also considered as one of the top-ten in the world.
26 years of operation in which thousands of lovers began their way and hundreds of couples who got married. Over the years the name linked to substantial experience with unforgettable memories to the South from the laser beam that appeared in the evening sky, a branded bus that used to gather and pick up for the party, the robot, the exciting opening ceremony, air horn, the spaceship, the bangles and the purple membership card.

Welcome to our fantasy

The club moved to a new Forum in October 2013. The new Forum covers 8 dunam with an investment of 20 million shekel. The Club is divided into winter and summer complexes.

The winter complex was designed by Ibiza models combined with touches of Berlin – it simulates large stadium but still contains about 4 in enclosed spaces with 4 different styles of music with acoustic walls that move on a rail, 4 toilet complexes with sex shops along which are active during the summer, 2 floors that create a sensation in front of DJ booth, tribunes of sitting and standing tables, 5 laser cannons, 18 bars and an elegant lobby, which features a restaurant which operates during all hours of the night, a world-class sound system, great ergonomics based on synergy without compromise, three different ships which could descend from the ceiling in the middle of the night and serve as a stage for dancing or shows, a bridge with live performance art all night long, 3 huge high-resolution LED screens, an entirely separate area for our older crowd, special lighting built specially for the Forum, smoking balconies, and an additional outdoor covered area, under the stars, constructed like a circus tent and dedicated to electronic music all night.



In the summer complex decided to give you a different experience. Our vision was to combine Mexico beaches (Playas) with hotels in Las Vegas (XS)- it consists of 4 levels with 4 huge pools( half- Olympic size) construction consists of the complex is built in a first-class lighting technologies, 16 bars, each of its four levels there are regional tables (seating and standing), fireworks shows every night, inner area plays hip hop all night. A huge stage to represent, and dancers and the most advanced sound system in the world. Designed as a powerful raison experience amusement park with full facilities (and compounds) which is constantly in motion.
The Forum is housing in the evening thousands of people and generates phenomenal experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else, a meeting of clubbers from all over the country every night every weekend.

As a result of the Club’s extensive activity, separate new projects have been created, such as the Boombamela Festival, the legendary Lucky Dance, the Tamar Festival, Minus 424 at Masada, and a group of restaurants – Kampai, Sifria, Kepasa, a successful fitness club (a branch of the national chain Great Shape) and more.